Demystifying Menopause — this week’s Total Health Radio

Menopause is still something a lot of women don’t talk about — and yet it is a significant milestone in their lives and their health. This week’s episode of Total Health Radio explores what happens to our bodies during perimenopause and menopause, and it offers helpful information on when symptoms start and stop and how we can better manage these changes to our bodies.

Heard the Buzz About Caffeine & Kids?

This week’s episode of Total Health Radio explores the many effects caffeine consumption can have on children and teens.  With growing demands at school and with more and more children drinking caffeinated beverages — everything from soda to energy drinks to blended coffee beverages at their favorite coffee house — it’s time to look at how caffeine is affecting our kids’ health.

The Indignities of Pregnancy: Total Health Radio Has the Scoop.

If you are pregnant, or if you know someone who is, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode of Total Health Radio.  It’s called The Truth About Pregnancy, and it goes beyond the facts that are well-covered on the Internet and dives into the topics no one wants to talk about.  That question you’re too embarrassed to ask even your own OB/GYN?  They ask it on this episode.  Have a listen.

For bonus content — exclusive outtakes from the show and resources for expectant moms — visit the website here.

In Honor of American Diabetes Month, Learn the Basics

This week, Total Health Radio brings you and me an episode all about diabetes — what it is, the effects it can have on the body’s systems, and how to live well with it after diagnosis.  Check it out here.

Men’s Health 101

Our friends at Total Health Radio released their latest podcast today — and this one is all about men’s health.  We all have gentlemen in our lives who do an amazing job avoiding visits to the doctor.  This show explores that behavior and offers helpful advice on how each of us can best support the health and well-being of the men we love — our fathers, brothers, husbands, partners, or friends.

Ready to Fall Back? Improve Your Sleep Habits before this weekend’s time change with the ABCs of ZZZs

How well do you sleep? Do you toss and turn? Count sheep to no avail?  Do your kids have nightmares or sleepwalk? This week’s episode of Total Health Radio — The ABCs of ZZZs — explores the most common disruptions to sleep, and how to attain great “sleep hygiene” – in other words, how to prepare your surroundings (and that of your family) to improve your chances of a good night’s slumber. The episode also looks at sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and insomnia, as well as the more troubling challenges with sleep some people – especially children – can struggle with.

For more on the episode and for additional information and resources on sleep disorders and tips for healthy, restorative sleep, check out the episode’s official page on the website:  www.totalhealthradio.org.  You can listen to Total Health Radio episodes on your computer or mobile devices via iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

New Weekly Podcast Series Brings Total Health to Your Fingertips…and Mobile Devices

85245_Total_Health_Radio_v2In a recent episode of Kaiser Permanente’s new podcast series, Total Health Radio, guest Julie Sutherland, MD, from Kaiser Permanente Colorado, describes some of the unusual symptoms of heart attacks in women, which include “jaw pain, shoulder pain … shortness of breath, sweating.”

“You know what you just described to me?” replied the episode’s host, Joyce Gottesfeld, MD. “A hot flash!”

“Good point,” Dr. Sutherland replied. “It’s hard to distinguish sometimes!”

Officially launched on Oct. 16, Total Health Radio is Kaiser Permanente’s national foray into the world of podcasting, delivering motivating stories, valuable information and important health tips through a series of engaging conversations with featured guests.

The podcast series will cover a wide range of topics — especially women’s and family health — with the help of physicians, health experts and patients, who will share their experiences dealing with and overcoming health challenges.

Total Health Radio will feature rotating hosts, one of whom is Dr. Gottesfeld, an ob-gyn who has been practicing with Kaiser Permanente Colorado for 17 years.

“I love to educate women about their health, their bodies and the changes they are going to go through over the course of their lives,” said Dr. Gottesfeld. “I’m excited about Total Health Radio — reaching more people and really getting information out there in a way that’s engaging and can help people take care of themselves.”

Total Health Radio features programs about family health, women’s heart health and developing awareness of teen dating violence. Future topics will reflect Kaiser Permanente’s belief in total health — mind, body, and spirit — and will discuss such matters as:

  • breast cancer — risk, diagnosis and treatment, and recovery
  • healthy sleep
  • caffeine and kids
  • five things to know about flu season
  • mindfulness

The podcasts are free and available through mobile devices and personal computers at Kaiser Permanente’s recently launched website, Total Health Radio, as well as iTunes. Soon, it also will be available on the podcast-distribution platform Stitcher.

At totalhealthradio.org, listeners can view show summaries, explore additional resources on featured topics, and check out bonus clips from shows.  You can listen to clips and sneak previews from all shows currently published on Soundcloud.

Tune in for Total Health Radio

You’re about to have access to the health information that most interests you and your family in a whole new way.

This week, Kaiser Permanente is launching a new podcast series called Total Health Radio.

The show will feature one-on-one interviews between rotating hosts and guests — clinicians, subject matter experts, and everyday people with compelling stories to share. You’ll be able to listen to Total Health Radio on computers and mobile devices via its website. Soon it will be available also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Official launch of Total Health Radio is Wednesday, October 16, and we’ll post more about it then, but we’ve included a few sneak peeks below from the first three episodes.

You can find more information at www.totalhealthradio.org.

Community Commons Seeks to Advance the Movement Toward Building Healthy, Sustainable Communities

There’s a movement afoot to build more sustainable, livable, healthy communities. It is a movement that is growing in momentum and collective will, despite what many feel are overwhelming statistics showing the rise of obesity and chronic disease in this country. It is a movement being led by people serving across disciplinary fields and political perspectives—community leaders, health activists, philanthropic organizations, and government agencies—all seeking the goal of thriving, healthy communities.

The healthy, sustainable communities movement is getting a tremendous burst of momentum these days from the internet, and more specifically from the creation of a unique online interactive space where folks can go to network with others, find targeted resources, and see what kinds of health and sustainability initiatives are happening in their community and across the country. One space where this is taking place is called the Community Commons.

The Community Commons went live in October 2011 and has recently launched its 2.0 version that features enhanced resources and functionality. It is gaining wide acclaim and is being heralded as the online space for public health advocates to learn, connect with each other, and share resources. Earlier this month, the Community Commons was the recipient of a first place award at the “Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators App Challenge” announced at the 2012 National Health Promotion Summit in Washington, D.C.

Kaiser Permanente’s Catherine Brozena recently sat down with social entrepreneur Tyler Norris, who has played a fundamental role in shaping the creation of the Community Commons. We asked Tyler to share more about this movement for healthier communities and how the Community Commons is playing a pivotal role in advancing that movement.



Norris will be moderating a special Dialogue4Health web forum tomorrow on HBO’s Weight of the Nation documentary and accompanying public health campaign. Sponsored by the Public Health Institute and Kaiser Permanente, the forum will focus on exploring the key themes of the films and discuss how the assets available to individuals, organizations, and place-based partnerships can help create healthier built, food and beverage, social, and community environments. For more information or to register for the event, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT, visit here.

Mobile Technology and Health

From a very young age we’re taught that “small” can make a big impact—“The Lion and the Mouse,” David and Goliath. This notion has taken center stage as mobile devices increasingly replace stacks of paper and clunky desktop computers. Consumers continue to demand easy and convenient access to all parts of their lives – now more than ever through mobile technology, and today this extends to matters related to their own health and health care. 
Being able to access your medical record no matter where you are or what care provider you are seeing not only informs clinicians and helps them provide the highest quality care possible, it connects you to your health in a way that’s never been done before. Today, Kaiser Permanente launched a mobile-optimized version of its member website, kp.org, and an Android application to provide the next level of connectivity to its members (an iPhone app is also on the horizon). With this latest announcement, Kaiser Permanente is hoping that pairing convenience with a great user experience will meet members’ needs and ultimately result in improved health and patient-physician relationships.

For more on consumer engagement and health IT innovations, check out this podcast, recorded in 2011, with Christine Paige, senior vice president for Marketing and Internet Services for Kaiser Permanente.  The podcast features an interview of Paige by Lola Butcher, health care journalist and World Congress contributing editor, regarding Paige’s keynote address at the 6th Annual Employer Health, Human Capital & Wellness Congress.

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