Gut Instincts: All About Our Insides — This Week on Total Health Radio

We know, we know. Who really wants to talk about our insides and how they work? The thing is, though, we should. Digestion is a complex process, and it’s not always easy. Nearly 20 percent of U.S. adults suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and most of them are women. So if you’re curious about keeping your insides healthy, and if you’ve ever wondered about the connection between our insides and our brains, check out this show. We have a gut feeling you’ll like it.

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Herbs, Hypnosis, Chiropractic…Oh My! All About Alternative Therapies

Complementary and Alternative Medicine — which can include anything from massage therapy to acupuncture — is the topic of this week’s episode of Total Health Radio. Harley Goldberg, DO, with Kaiser Permanente Northern California, walks us through the ins and outs of approaches to health and wellness that are not typically part of western medicine but are being used more and more as complementary therapies. Find out how pain can be managed with alternative medicine and why it’s so important to talk with your personal physician before starting any sort of herbal supplements. Listen!

Conflict Resolution in Kids – This Week on Total Health Radio

In a time when bullying has risen to even greater heights, whether on the playground or online, it’s worth asking the question: How can we best equip our children with the skills and behaviors they need to resolve conflicts on their own?

This week’s Total Health Radio features a conversation with Anabel Castrezana, a marriage and family therapist from Kaiser Permanente Southern California, who shares with us ways we can model empathy and healthy expressions of emotion for our toddlers and kids. Have a listen.

How’s Your Heart? Understanding Your Risk

February is Heart Health Month – a great time to think about your heart and the hearts of the women you care about.  This episode of Total Health Radio is about women’s heart health – and in it, we talk about how heart attack symptoms differ between men and women.  Check it out.

Mindfulness, the Topic of the Moment — on Total Health Radio

You can’t turn on the TV or search the Web these days without coming across someone talking about mindfulness. Time Magazine even made it this week’s cover story. But what is it, really? For a quick tutorial on what everyone is talking about — and why you may want to try it yourself — listen to this episode of Total Health Radio.

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Childhood Vaccinations — Myths and Realities: Total Health Radio

As a parent, there is nothing we feel so strongly as the need to keep our children safe — and not knowing how to best do that can be challenging.  On the topic of childhood vaccinations, there are countless articles to be found on the Web, and for every recommendation for a certain vaccine, there also seems to be a warning.  This episode of Total Health Radio explores the myths and realities of childhood vaccines and presents what should be considered as you make your decision on vaccinating your kids.

Kid Fitness – This Week on Total Health Radio

Kids FitnessIf there are children you care about who are struggling with fitness and weight, you are not alone.  The number of obese children has tripled in the last 20 years.  The prevalence of processed snack foods combined with the growing popularity of sedentary, screen-related activities (watching TV, playing video games, surfing the Web) is a perfect storm when it comes to the fitness levels of our youth.  This week’s Total Health Radio episode explores the challenges today’s youth (and their parents) are up against, and what we can do to help the kids in our lives eat better, reduce their screen time, and become more active.

Diets: The Good, the Fad, and the Ugly

If you are among the countless Americans who have resolved to lose weight in the New Year, you’ll want to hear this week’s episode of Total Health Radio.  The landscape of diets and weight loss plans and schemes can be confusing and overwhelming.  Must we avoid carbs?  Is eating like our cavemen ancestors really the solution to all of our weight issues?  Registered dietician Ricia Taylor with Kaiser Permanente Georgia examines the popularity of these approaches as well as the risks of fad diets, while also offering tips to help simplify your efforts to trim down in 2014.  Listen!

Demystifying Menopause — this week’s Total Health Radio

Menopause is still something a lot of women don’t talk about — and yet it is a significant milestone in their lives and their health. This week’s episode of Total Health Radio explores what happens to our bodies during perimenopause and menopause, and it offers helpful information on when symptoms start and stop and how we can better manage these changes to our bodies.

Heard the Buzz About Caffeine & Kids?

This week’s episode of Total Health Radio explores the many effects caffeine consumption can have on children and teens.  With growing demands at school and with more and more children drinking caffeinated beverages — everything from soda to energy drinks to blended coffee beverages at their favorite coffee house — it’s time to look at how caffeine is affecting our kids’ health.

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