The Impact of the Health Care Sector on our Environment

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It is understood that health care activities as a whole contribute 8 percent of the United States’ total greenhouse gas emissions — known contributors to climate change and the rise of pollution and disease. In its ongoing commitment to improve the health of the communities it serves, Kaiser Permanente recently announced a commitment to reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and trimming overall energy consumption.

Kaiser Permanente registered approximately 819,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions during its baseline year of measuring (2008), and total emissions increased to 837,000 metric tons in 2010, the most recently reported year. The organization is now rolling out an aggressive strategy to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020, compared to its 2008 levels. The strategy includes plans to invest in clean and renewable energy sources while also targeting energy conservation measures, as well as green-building techniques in the construction of new buildings.

More info on this news is in this video from Kaiser Permanente.