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At yesterday’s HealthCamp DC, an enthusiastic combination of more than 100 physicians, nurses, patients, innovators, bloggers and more came together for an energetic day of  un-conference collaboration and discussion.  The event included a brief press conference where among other speakers, Dr. Mohammad Akhter, director for Washington, D.C.’s Department of Health, shared the official proclamation of Health Data and Innovation Week with a standing-room-only crowd.  A slide show of the day can be viewed here.

At 5 p.m., HealthCamp DC came to a close and The Walking Gallery began.  More than 150 people mingled while perusing the works of art worn by 75 individuals at the reception; each jacket represented the wearer’s personal health story, with—as artist and health advocate Regina Holliday put it—the docent of the piece of artwork wearing and sharing it with others.  You can see photos from the event here.

For other wrap-ups of the day’s activities, check out coverage by Ted Eytan, MD, and these two Storify pieces on The Walking Gallery.

Today, the week’s activities continue with the Health Data Initiative Forum and Health Datapalooza held at the Washington Convention Center.  Today’s agenda includes a keynote address from U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, demos of health apps built for consumers as well as communities, and several afternoon breakout sessions that are sure to get Twitter buzzing.  You can follow the conversation about the HDI Forum and Datapalooza via hash tag #healthdata, and continue to hear all chatter over the week’s celebration via #dchealth.  We will be live tweeting from @kptotalhealth, and you can continue to get a flavor for the energy behind all of these events by checking out the live Twitter feed in the right margin of this page.

Next for #dchealth: Health Camp and The Walking Gallery

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D.C. Health Data and Innovation Week has had a promising start with the weekend’s Code-a-Thon. While the judging was close, the Healthy Plate team came in second (for a prize of $3,000), and the School Fit team took top honors—and $4,000—for its app that addressed the childhood obesity epidemic by building transparency.  School Fit’s app combined ranking school fitness levels with location information, really targeting the issue of obesity via civic, educational, social and family connections.  Check out photos from the two-day event here, and for a thoughtful perspective on the Code-a-Thon process, take a look at these two blog posts from Ted Eytan, MD.  Alex Howard Storified the weekend, too—you can see a social media snapshot of the event right here.

Monday, June 4, we have not one, but two D.C. Health Data and Innovation Week events at the Center for Total Health.  The first, HealthCamp DC, is bringing together people from all across the health sector:  Health system and policy leaders, nurses, doctors, technologists and more.  HealthCa.mp/dc asks participants to explore “Empowering Patient Engagement,” but the event is an un-conference, which means that the attendees, themselves, set the agenda for the day.  For more information, visit this website.

Monday’s second event at the Center for Total Health is The Walking Gallery—an art exhibit where the art is worn by attendees rather than hung on walls.  Patients, medical professionals, tech gurus, private sector executives, activists and artists will wear jackets and lab coats painted with the story of a patient or an element of medical advocacy by artist and patients’ rights advocate Regina Holliday or other artists.  In the words of Regina, the gallery, which now has 125 jackets, “advocates for the inclusion of the patient view and story in the halls of technology and medicine.”  The event is free and runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Center.  Interested in attending?  RSVP here.

Wish you could be here in person but can’t make it?  You can follow along via the #hcdc and #dchealth tweetstreams (or take a look at the live stream in the right margin of this page).  We will be covering all the action, and we welcome you to follow us at @kptotalhealth.