12 Bonus Shorts for HBO’s Weight of the Nation

In addition to the four-part Weight of the Nation documentary series, HBO and its partners (the IOM, NIH, CDC, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente) produced several bonus shorts. These 30-minute videos focus on topics that include excess weight and pregnancy, obesity and type 2 diabetes, communities taking action, poverty and obesity, excess weight and heart disease, workforce wellness programs, the biology and genetics of weight loss, and obesity research.

Today, we highlight two additional bonus shorts. The first is called Stigma: The Human Cost of Obesity, and it examines the effects of prejudice on obese people. Evidence now shows that the pain and isolation caused by prejudice can contribute to future weight gain.



The second short is Healthy Foods and Obesity Prevention:  Increasing Markets for Fruit and Vegetable Farmers.  It takes a look at the challenges to increasing access to healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables, as well as examples of approaches that have been successfully implemented and could be replicated in other communities.  This film also features an interview with Kaiser Permanente’s Preston Maring, MD, who started the first hospital-based farmers markets in the United States.



You can view and read more about all 12 bonus shorts at the official Weight of the Nation website here.

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