Fighting Childhood Obesity with the Inspiring Premiere of the Weight of the Nation for Kids

Tonight, the documentary, The Weight of the Nation for Kids, premieres on HBO.  The three-part series focuses on young people taking the initiative to fight obesity by effecting real change in their school and community environments.

The three films are:

  • The Great Cafeteria Takeover, which follows a group of children in New Orleans that set out to make a difference in their community during the post-Katrina rebuilding period, eventually succeeding in changing their school lunch menus to include healthier options.
  • Kabreeya’s Salad Days, the story of 17-year-old Kabreeya Lewis, whose fierce persistence allowed her to achieve her goal of having a salad bar in her high school cafeteria in North Carolina.
  • Quiz Ed!, a documentary-style quiz show that polls young people, ranging from 10 to 18 years of age, using riddles about the food and activity factors that are contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Kaiser Permanente is also addressing the issue of obesity through the recently launched Thriving Schools — a comprehensive, national effort for K-12 students, their parents and families as well as teachers and staff, focused on creating a culture of health in schools. These efforts combined are part of an ongoing commitment to improve school health through healthy food options and regular physical activity.

The original Weight of the Nation series of documentaries first aired on HBO (and were available on the documentary’s official website) in 2012, and was part of a major public awareness campaign aimed at addressing the obesity epidemic in the United States.  More on The Weight of the Nation series is available here, and on the official website.

The Center for Total Health has a new, interactive, touch-screen exhibit focused on healthy schools and healthy workplaces, and much of its content addresses the growing challenge of obesity in the United States.  If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, we invite you to stop by and experience it — and the rest of the center’s exhibits — first hand.  You can find information about visiting the center here.

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