Kaiser Permanente Launches ‘Find Your Words’ Campaign to Fight Stigma Around Mental Health

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Kaiser Permanente’s “Find Your Words” public health awareness campaign focuses on TV, radio and online messages that talk about depression in an honest and inspiring way. Coinciding with the start of National Mental Health Month, the campaign launched Monday, May 1.

In addition to the “Find Your Words” campaign, Kaiser Permanente Colorado awarded grant funding to advance social and emotional wellness and mental health in school districts across the state. In August 2017, Kaiser Permanente will award five Colorado school districts a combined $1.5 million in Thriving Schools behavioral health grants.

The schools will use the grants to increase access to mental health and wellness programs to help teachers and staff learn how to identify and deal with mental health needs in students as well as themselves.

You can read more about the Find Your Words campaign and learn more about the grants KP Colorado awarded here. 

Why Talking About Depression Is a Radical Act

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Depression is a topic that remains shrouded in silence, yet it’s a condition that has touched millions of people. One in five adults experience mental health issues in a given year. One in five youth experience a severe mental health condition at some point during childhood or adolescence.

WHOgraphic_stairs_274x168Still, over the last century, depression has been one of the great unmentionables. But there is hope. To bring depression out of the shadows, we just need to talk about it.

That’s where two complementary public health awareness campaigns come in — the first by the World Health Organization and the other by Kaiser Permanente. The WHO’s “Depression: Let’s Talk,” and Kaiser Permanente’s “Find Your Words,” focus on addressing and reducing stigma through conversation and dialogue.

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