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Help Us Write Our Veteran’s Story

dominiquwOn Memorial Day, we recognize and honor our fallen soldiers, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We also thank those who have returned home forever changed. At the Center for Total Health, we remember veterans every day with one of our personas, Dominique.

When we refreshed the content at the center last summer, we added several sculptures to represent a diverse set of individuals and their total health stories. Some of their stories were fully written, but some we decided to leave open and have our guests help us write. Dominique is one of those. So, even if you are unable to visit the center, we’d love to hear what you think her personal story is, in terms of her health and in general.

In the comments section below, share your ideas with us.

  • What do you think is on her mind? Is she worried? Optimistic? Determined? Depressed?
  • Does she look healthy?
  • How do you see her, beyond her amputation?

We’ll compile your ideas with those we’ve heard from hundreds of visitors since last September to write a formal story for Dominique. There is no wrong answer or bad idea!

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