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Center for Total Health Welcomes South Korean Government Officials

The Center for Total Health recently welcomed Gwanhoo Lee, the Professor of Information Technology and Analytics at American University, and government officials from 22 different agencies of South Korea. Keith Montgomery, Executive Director of the Center for Total Health, and Adrinece Beard, CTH intern, provided them with a tour as part of a one-week executive training program hosted by American University. Beard followed up with Lee after the tour to see how his visit went.

Adrinece Beard: How did you hear about the Center for Total Health?

Gwanhoo Lee: A colleague of mine recommended the Center to me as he thinks the Center showcases exciting innovations in healthcare and inspires doctors, hospital executives, policymakers, and researchers to imagine what is possible in the future.

Beard: How does total health relate to the duties of the Korean Government Officials?

Lee: Some of the Korean government officials are directly responsible for making policies on telehealth, mobile health, and electronic medical record systems.

With more than half of Kaiser Permanente’s members using some form of telehealth, the Center houses interactive models to display the benefits of using Epic Systems or one electronic health record, video visits between patients and physicians, and mobile health vehicles, to name a few.

Beard: What was most enjoyable about your visit?

Lee: The tour was truly interactive with many inspiring stories being told throughout. We are very satisfied with the tour. I wonder if there could be a way to continue to engage the visitors even after the tour, so that the tour is not just a one-off thing.

Beyond the Center for Total Health, Kaiser Permanente includes a more formal program within KP’s International Division. Kaiser Permanente International offers a forum for sharing Kaiser Permanente’s knowledge and experience with governments, health plans, health care providers and other global organizations that are striving to improve their health care systems. Programs are offered primarily in California and once or twice a year in Washington D.C. upon request. For more information about the next program in September in the San Francisco Bay Area, please visit KP International’s website or click here to register.

You can also schedule a tour of the Center for Total Health by completing the request form.

About the Center for Total Health

The Center for Total Health is dedicated to sharing, developing, and accelerating ideas that improve total health around the world. The Center is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm, with guided tours available by appointment.

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