How Practicing Mindfulness Can Help You Through the Holiday Season Stress

With all the joy the holiday season brings, most of us know that this time of year carries it with it something else, as well:  Stress.

A little bit of stress can be fine.  A lot of stress — including the challenges of shopping for gifts, baking, party-planning, family tensions and unrealistic expectations — is bad all around.  Bad for the mind and the spirit, certainly, but mental stress can lead to physical health problems, too.  So learning to manage the hectic nature of our lives over the coming weeks is important.

To that end, we’re sharing this episode of Total Health Radio, which is all about Mindfulness.  If you can pay attention — without judgment (that’s key!) — to how you are feeling, it’s the first step to regulating your emotional reactions to the stressors in your life.  Check it out.

For exclusive bonus content — including interview excerpts on overcoming barriers to mindfulness as well as the top three things you can do to introduce mindfulness into your life, visit the episode’s official page at

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