Imagining Care Anywhere — Really! Anywhere

If you ever wonder when your everyday life — including health and health care — will finally start resembling Jetsons-level technology and convenience, you are not alone.

Kaiser Permanente just released its latest video illustrating its vision of “Imagining Care Anywhere.” It’s all about tools and systems that enable real-time, personalized care — and access to personal health information — anywhere and at any time.

Besides the fact that the capabilities the video proposes are just plain cool, these sort of, “What if…” videos further promote imagination and innovation in the health space. It’s not the first of its kind; Kaiser Permanente has released a similar video in the past.

What do you think — and what would you like to see when it comes to the future of your own personalized care?

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  1. This message is for Daniel Weberg PhD, MHI, RN
    I talked with you after your presentation at the KP interregional conference on 11/6/15. However I lost your card and email address. I am excited to learn more about the care anywhere and innovation research programs. I am a nurse-midwife/NP and recently retired from KP this past February 2015. I am currently working with Obesity, diabetes and weight loss patients, and have an interest in the new technologies becoming available. can you send me a link to your website, as I no longer have access to the KP intranet. I am interested in joining your team

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