Joanne Schottinger, MD, at Cancer Care Delivery in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System

ESRI 2015 00172
Left to Right: Carolyn Clancy, MD (U.S Department of Veterans Affairs) Ann Geiger, PhD (National Cancer Institute), Joanne Schottinger, MD (Kaiser Permanente) (View on

Washington, D.C was host to ECRI Institute’s Cancer Care Delivery in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System, which featured Joanne Schottinger, MD, representing Kaiser Permanente in “How do integrated delivery systems provide cancer care?”

And the answer is…comprehensively, as the data shows, for example: Kaiser Permanente Share | Reducing Disparities in Colon Cancer Through Integrated Care which is part of the larger Complete Care Program: Kaiser Permanente Share | ‘Complete Care’ Improves Patient Outcomes

Schottinger noted that Kaiser Permanente delivers 250,000 chemotherapy treatments per year, 4,000 of which are part of clinical trials. This along with our electronic health record system allows greater insight into caring for patients in real world situations that supplements the latest research-based evidence used to guide care.

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