New Book Explores Success Stories of Innovative Approaches to Better Care, Better Health and Lower Costs

Today at the Center for Total Health, an event is being held to celebrate the launch of a new book, Pursuing the Triple Aim:  Seven Innovators Show the Way to Better Care, Better Health, and Lower Costs.  Sponsored by the Alliance of Community Health Plans and Kaiser Permanente, the event will feature a keynote from Jon Blum, deputy administrator and director for the Center of Medicare at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who will talk about how the successes highlighted in the book serve as examples of models for (as the title says) better care, better health, and lower costs throughout the nation’s health care system.  The book’s authors—Maureen Bisognano, president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Charles Kenney, former journalist and author of The Best Practice—will also be speaking at the event, as will the health care leaders whose programs and initiatives are featured in the book.

Kaiser Permanente’s Ted Eytan, MD, will be sharing his thoughts with a guest blog post on the event early next week.  For now, read more about the book and event here, in a great blog post by Patricia Smith, president and CEO of ACHP.  Watch a video clip of the authors here.  And follow the online conversation about the event via Twitter hash tag #tripleaim.

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