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New Years Resolutions from the CTH Team

Like many people around the world, members of the Center for Total Health team have set a few total health resolutions for 2014:

Ted Eytan, MD, Medical Director
1. Connect the health care system to health even more in 2014
2. Make #activetransportation hashtag of the year

Erin Meade, Meeting & Event Consultant
1. Continue to bike to work, including on less-than-ideal weather days
2. Spend more time with family

Trish Doherty, Editor for the Center for Total Health Blog
1. Take classes in things I love learning about and doing, like drawing, painting and dancing.
2. Spend more time in nature.
3. Learn to meditate, and then do it regularly.

We would love to hear about your own resolutions — please share in the comments.  Here’s to a happy, healthy year!

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