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Share Your Ideas: What does total health look like?

This post is part of a campaign to invite feedback and ideas that will help inform the next generation of content for exhibits at the Center for Total Health.

When most people think about health care, they think of a hospital or doctor’s office.  The truth is, total health is about much more than just clinical care. It’s also about living your definition of health, and imagining care anywhere – in the workplace, at school, in the park or at home.

Total health is also about access to care and health resources when you are sick and need them…or when you need to be reminded of them.  It’s been said that less than 20 percent of your health care is actually received in a health care setting.  So, whether it is care received through a health care system or access to health resources online or in the community, a focus on your total health should surround you and be available 24/7.

What does total health look like to you?  How would you want to see a focus on total health represented in how you receive care through your provider, in the community or in the environment that surrounds you?

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Integrated care:  You, your doctor or other health care providers connected through electronic health records
  • Access to care anywhere: Email your doctor, or have access to your care provider via mobile or video chat
  • Increased access to care:  More access increases mammography screening rates, decreases heart disease/attacks, and helps control chronic conditions
  • Day-to-day health:  Being able to live the life you want to, whether that means playing with your kids or climbing mountains, walking around the block or running a marathon
  • Spiritual & Emotional Health:  Feeling supported in your life, being able to look back at each day and know you accomplished the things you’d hoped to do

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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