Sticking to our New Year Resolutions

The Center for Total Health team — and extended staff members — have kicked off a three-day clean eating challenge. We’ll be sampling local seasonal flavors and focusing on soups and juices as the core of our program.  Our goal is to reset our taste buds and to refocus our efforts on healthier eating.  Over the next three days we’ll search out fresh, local vegetables and juices along with select nuts and grains. Some might question our timing before the big football game this weekend, but there’s probably never a perfect time to start eating healthier.  It’s easy to worry about your work schedule, family and social gatherings as possible excuses for not watching your diet. We also know that  social support is a huge help, especially in the office setting. As colleagues who spend many hours working together, we can help reinforce healthier habits starting with all our food choices at work.


As always the Center for Total Health supports healthier choices for meetings and events held here. We do not endorse any particular diet or meal vendors. Check with your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns about eating healthier. There are a number of resources available to assist you on

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