Falling for Autumnal Eats

Pumpkinmuffin_cbIf you are like most people, you love fall — one survey claims that it’s the season Americans like best.

Many appreciate this time of year because of the autumnal climate.  My own theory?  It’s the food.

Fall is the time of year when we feel emboldened to use spices that may come on too strong during spring and summer.  The aromatic earthiness of nutmeg.  The zingy bite of cinnamon.  The cozy warmth of cloves. Resonant spices that just make us feel good.

The Food for Health bloggers know this well.  That’s why they’ve welcomed the fall season with a recipe for Pumpkin Muffins. Kate Land, MD, the recipe’s author, says these are, “healthy, hearty and perfect for breakfast.”

Check out the recipe over at the Food for Health blog.  And follow Dr. Land on Twitter: @KPkiddoc.


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