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Due to COVID-19 the Center will be closed for in-person events through March 31,2021.
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TEDMED: Highlighting Innovation and Connection

Innovation and connection are two of the main themes of each year’s TEDMED conference, and this year was no exception. In that spirit, Kaiser Permanente hosted a reception for delegates, and industry thought leaders on Thursday night featuring eight innovative start-ups. More in-depth interviews about each will follow in the coming weeks, but to start, we are introducing them here — with a link to their website and with the question of why their technology matters to health and health care.


IntelligentM will save thousands of lives and reduce million of dollars of costs from the US healthcare system annually by reducing preventable hospital acquired infections.


Caremerge is a care coordination platform that helps eliminate isolation for the elderly, their caregivers, their families and their providers (physicians, specialists, etc.). Therefore, improving the quality of life for everyone involved.

Our mobile/web apps allow everyone involved to see what each one is doing, share critical information and documents, and chat in real-time within a HIPAA compliant solution.

Caremerge platform is an optimal solution for senior living communities, PCMHs and ACOs.

Empower Interactive, Inc.

Empower transforms the experience of evidence-based psychotherapy into interactive e-learning programs, teaching structured coping techniques to address behavioral health issues including anxiety and depression.  These self-service online programs make behavioral health solutions much more accessible, cost-effective, and data-driven across care settings

Home Care for You

In the home health care arena, our TeleRehab system is shortening the timeline to reach patient outcomes and concurrently, reducing re-hospitalizations. Careport promotes adherence to a prescribed home exercise regimen, and increases data capture and intervention to important patient changes. Most of all, the patients like it and find it easy to use! We enjoyed sharing our story and learning about others.


“Behavior change is the new blockbuster drug and we’re all flying blind. AchieveMint aggregates real-world activity data and generates the insights necessary to understand and drive that change.”

Beyond Lucid

Beyond Lucid Technologies created the MEDIVIEW™ platform software to connect ambulances with emergency care facilities – such as hospitals but also clinics and other care facilities across an Accountable Care Organization or integrated health center – thereby ensuring that all the relevant details about the event and the patient that will be needed to begin treatment more quickly and efficiently are available in the ED before the ambulance even arrives.

Kit Check

Kit Check is the only company focused on making kit processing in the hospital safer and more efficient. Kit Check reduces the time to process kits from 20-30 minutes down to a matter of seconds while simultaneously increasing accuracy.

Hospitals in the US alone spend more than $2B annually sorting through kits, nearly 20% of which have expired and incorrect medications. Kit Check provides web-based software and an innovative scanning station that is easy to install and use. It enables hospital pharmacies to manage kitted inventory like never before by providing visibility into exactly what is in the hospital and where it has been.


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