The Buzz at Davos: A Digital Health Revolution

Today, the World Economic Forum blog published a post by Jamie Ferguson, vice president of health IT for Kaiser Permanente:  A Digital Health Revolution in the Making.

“Mobile apps and wearable devices empower individuals to manage their health and wellness,” Ferguson says in his blog post.  “Big data analytics harness individual information for public health, safety and research, while remote monitoring devices, telemedicine, electronic health records and interoperability enable the right care, anywhere. All of this technology and data ultimately result in low-cost wellness and high-value healthcare.”

These things can all have great impact, but Ferguson points out that we can and should do more to really leverage the digital health revolution currently underway.  To that end, the WEF will be tapping the expertise of more than 1,000 health care decision makers and policy leaders to create a Digital Health Knowledge Exchange toolkit – a knowledge commons to share best practices.

The WEF’s Global Agenda Council on Digital Health is calling for much more – all of it focused on taking full advantage of all of the developments in digital health and its impact on world societies and economies as well as the health and wellness of individuals.

Read all of Ferguson’s blog post here.

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