This Week in Total Health: Service

This had to be the photo for This Week in Total Health.

KPCTH -2016.03.11 SCPMG and KPScal at Center for Total Health  03506

It’s of the Diversity and Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Care team from Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and Southern California Permanente Medical Group, who came by to see their Center for Total Health while they were in Washington, D.C for the 9th Annual Health Disparities Conference.

KPCTH -2016.03.11 SCPMG and KPScal at Center for Total Health  03508

They support 6,500 physicians serving almost 4 million members who represent up to 300 ethnicities cared for at Kaiser Permanente.

My other favorite photo is of one of the Center’s most treasured colleagues, Jan Ground, who is the director of Virtual Care for the Colorado Permanente Medical Group. She brought her parents to see the Center for Total Health.

KPCTH -2016.03.11 Jan Ground from Colorado Permanente Medical Group  03516

The photograph includes our favorite things: innovation (virtual care), Jan Ground and the Colorado region, and family, all in one image.

These are the things that power Total Health.

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