This Week in Total Health: In Motion

The visitors to the Center for Total Health this week came from the future, to move health ahead farther, faster together.

KPCTH -2016.03.09 Unity Health Care's James Huang, MD at Center for Total Health 03460

Family Physician James Huang, MD, from Unity Health Care is working to support greater access to bicycle sharing for Washington, DC’s residents.

KPCTH -2016.03.09 ACHP CEO Reception - Welcoming Ceci Connolly - Center for Total Health 03-35

The people who power the Alliance of Community Health Plans were here with us, and specifically here with Rosemary, welcoming ACHP’s new president and CEO, Ceci Connolly.

And since I’m guest blogging while Erin takes a well-deserved thrive break, I selected this photo as well:

KPCTH -2016.03.04 This Week at Center for Total Health 03421

Keith Montgomery and Erin Meade – the people who power the Center of Total Health – are taking delivery of new pieces of furniture which will help our guests stay active and powered as they contemplate Total Health.

Intention, Enthusiasm, Design, to keep people moving and healthy.

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