Total Health Inspiration: Sochi 2014

February 7, 2014

sochi-2014-logoAt the Center for Total Health, we spend a fair amount of time discussing what total health is, exactly. We all enjoy hearing new definitions from our guests, which are inevitably interesting and different from what we’ve heard before. One thread that appears often is that these definitions tend to be positive and aspirational.

On Friday, people around the world will gather to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Few things are as inspirational and aspirational as the Olympics, and I, for one, cannot imagine a better picture of health. Of course these athletes are in top physical health, most having trained since childhood to earn a spot on their country’s team. But more than that, this is a group of people who are, right in front of us, achieving a life dream. Imagine the mental, spiritual, and emotional charge that comes with that. Most of these people won’t win gold, or a medal at all, but they have made it to the best of the best in their sport. They have earned this spot. And they get to compete.

Sounds like total health to me.

You can find the full schedule of Sochi events here, and meet Team USA hereThe Atlantic has a fantastic piece on how Olympians stay motivated — with advice we can all apply in our daily lives — that you can read here.  And for some amazing inspiration, check out individual athlete stories here.

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