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Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

We invite you to join the conversation. Together, we can explore solutions that improve health. Along the way, we hope you’ll be inspired to improve your own health through walking.

Located near Union Station in Washington, D.C., the center is a unique educational venue. With interactive touchscreen exhibits, state-of-the-art health technology displays, and a conference center, the Center for Total Health contains many unique activities that provide a memorable experience for visitors interested in their health, their families’ health, and the health of the community.

It is a place to foster the development of new propositions, conversations and questions that will shape concepts about health for years to come.


What is Total Health?

An interactive learning destination in Washington D.C. for the public, policymakers and the health care industry, the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health demonstrates what Kaiser Permanente and others have done and are doing to advance health care in the United States.

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