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Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

We are dedicated to sharing, developing, and accelerating ideas that improve total health around the world. Join us to explore the why, what, and how of total health through one-of-a-kind immersive exhibits.

Conveniently located near Union Station, and convenient to major sites around DC, the Center for Total Health offers an inspirational backdrop for meetings and events.

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What is Total Health?

An interactive learning destination in Washington D.C. for the public, policymakers and the health care industry, the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health demonstrates what Kaiser Permanente and others have done and are doing to advance health care in the United States.

Keith Montgomery, Executive Director

Keith Montgomery
Executive Director

Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH, Medical Director

Ted Eytan, MD
Medical Director

Yen Greene, Operations Specialist

Yen Greene
Operations Specialist

Erin Meade, Marketing & Events Consultant

Erin Meade
Marketing & Events Consultant

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I Want To Be The Next Summer Intern!

| Center for Total Health | No Comments

This summer, I interned at the Center for Total Health through the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Summer Internship Program. I am currently a senior at James Madison University majoring in Health…

This Week in Total Health: Sweating the Details

| Center for Total Health | No Comments

Another busy week has drawn to a close at the Center for Total Health. On Monday and Tuesday, the center welcomed Delos (@DelosLiving)for the first step of our WELL Building Standard…

How do you measure a WELL building? Our Preliminary Audit

| Environmental Stewardship, Health, Health Innovation | No Comments

We’ve completed our preliminary audit on the way to full WELL (@WELLCertified) certification. The WELL Building Standard® is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of building features…

Mayor, What Will You Do To Improve My Health?

| Center for Total Health, Healthy Communities | No Comments

On July 19,  Smart Growth America (@SmartGrowthUSA) hosted its annual Local Leaders Council (@SGALocalLeaders),meeting at the Center for Total Health.  Attendees included influential leaders from various communities around the nation including mayors, city council…