The Value of Being an Engaged Patient

It’s easy to wonder, especially when we are sick or dealing with a health issue, if we are doing all we can to be our own best health advocate.

This Thursday, U.S. News and World Report will host a TweetChat about patient engagement featuring Kaiser Permanente physician Ted Eytan, MD.

Dr. Eytan (@tedeytan on Twitter), physician director here at the Center for Total Health for The Permanente Federation, will join a panel of experts to talk about a patient’s role in his or her own hospital and health experience. Panelists will discuss how patients can empower themselves to remain informed and engaged in their treatment.

Expected topics include patient empowerment regarding electronic health records, having candid conversations with one’s doctor, knowing how to maximize medical appointments, and knowing what questions to ask.

The TweetChat will take place Thursday, July 25, from 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern time (11 a.m. to noon Pacific). Follow the hashtag #PatientChat to participate in the conversation.

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