Transforming a Food Desert into an Oasis

Another aspect of food insecurity, which we continue to examine this week, is the existence of so-called “food deserts,” where people whose income levels do not afford them easy access to healthy, fresh produce live miles away from grocery stores and are left to seek out sustenance by other means.  This often results in their having to rely on poor food choices that negatively impact their health and well-being — or lack of food altogether.

The Village Gardens community in northwest Portland, Ore. started as a simple, community-run garden in the midst of a mixed-income housing project.  It has since sprouted into a fully-integrated community health project that stands as a powerful example of what can be accomplished when neighborhood residents, community-based organizations, non-profits and government organizations come together in support of people’s health and well-being. You can read more about this initiative here, but check out the video below for a view into Village Gardens.

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