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Kaiser Permanente International Presents Population Health: Case Study in Diabetes and Hypertension Management

In collaboration with the Center for Total Health, Kaiser Permanente (KP) International launches a 5-part webinar series on Integrated Health Care in Action with different topics and guest speakers to international audiences each month.

In the February session of the series, KP International presented Population Health: Case Study in Diabetes and Hypertension Management on our innovative virtual platform. Marc Jaffe, MD, one of the creators of Kaiser Permanente’s groundbreaking PHASE program, presented his experience and the lessons learned when implementing this approach.

PHASE, which stands for Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday, is a comprehensive population management program to control cardiovascular risks for diabetic and other high-risk patients. Since its inception, PHASE has continually shown success in managing blood pressure, lipids, and blood sugar levels. In addition to this, Kaiser Permanente has provided funding and clinical expertise to selected health care safety net partners to translate and implement PHASE in community-based care settings.

Read more at KP International’s blog here.



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