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Kaiser Permanente International Presents Cancer Care Reimagined

Last month, the Center for Total Health, in continued partnership with Kaiser Permanente International, hosted part two of a five-part webinar series on Integrated Health Care in Action titled Cancer Care Reimagined.

Kaiser Permanente has spent the past several years redesigning how cancer care is delivered in order to provide the best treatment and support for patients. Increased sub-specialization, clinical research integration, digital transformation, multidisciplinary expert-based virtual case conferences, tele-oncology, cancer care navigation, and partnerships with pharmacy are all part of the reimagined care.

On March 23, KP International welcomed Tatjana Kolevska, MD, medical director of the Kaiser Permanente National Excellence in Cancer Care program, to present on the core principles of our cancer care program and our successful use of cancer care pathways.

Core principles of the cancer care program include:

  • Leveraging clinical expertise and experience across all medical groups and care teams
  • Providing seamless end-to-end cancer care with coordinated systems and digital tools
  • Improving patient experience and care coordination through digital transformation of care delivery

Recent experience has shown that 90% of cancer care can be done virtually, allowing patients to be hundreds or thousands of miles away from specialists while receiving expert care. Patients have experienced that video visits are convenient and beneficial, and other family members can join virtually and discuss their care plan. Also, follow-up treatment can be provided locally under the oncologist’s direction (for example, by a local infusion nurse).

According to Dr. Kolevska, these are exciting times for cancer care leadership. When COVID-19 emerged, within one week of a mandatory shelter-in-place, virtual cancer care follow-up visits at KP skyrocketed to 98%. Though that number has since decreased, many patients continue to prefer telemedicine when it’s medically appropriate. Now that many medical offices and exam rooms have gone virtual, the key to maintaining standards of excellence in cancer care is to use digital tools and cancer care pathways to proactively support patients in personalized population management.

Read more at KP International’s blog here.


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