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Create Your Life Care Plan Now

We all try to prepare for life’s major events but, if you suddenly became injured or ill, would you be prepared?  Kaiser Permanente offers a service called Life Care Planning that helps members reflect on their values and beliefs and document future health care decisions in an Advance Directive. This type of planning can help prepare your loved ones to honor your wishes.

Deborah Ahren and Lorraine Griesbach, both with the Mid-Atlantic States Kaiser Permanente Life Care Planning Faculty, said “[Life Care Planning] is important for everyone to start thinking about…you never know what could happen such as a car accident or a stroke. Life often throws curve balls on which the unexpected happens. It is best to be prepared.”

Here are some valuable tips from the Life Care Planning team on planning for your future health care needs:

  1. Remember to express YOUR values, hopes and priorities in every decision you make in creating your Life Care Plan.
  2.   Select someone you trust, such as a spouse or relative, to be your Health Care Agent and speak for you if you become unable to make health care decisions.  Always choose someone you trust to honor your wishes, such as a spouse or relative. Be sure to go over your advance directive with them verbally and in writing.
  3.  Share your advance directive with your physician or health care provider verbally and in writing so they are aware of your desired medical care if you encounter a situation in which you are unable to make your own decisions.
  4. Keep in mind 5 “D’s” that are good times to revisit and update your Life Care Plan: Decade, Divorce, Death, Diagnosis and Decline in Health.

If you want to learn more information about Life Care Planning at Kaiser Permanente, please visit the Life Care Planning website.

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