Even in Health, Money Talks

Last November, the  Center for Total Health commissioned a survey exploring the factors that comprise total health, as well as the barriers to achieving it. Responses from over 1,200 people of all ages and demographics made clear that stress and finances are the key factors impacting total health.

An individual’s financial situation ranked third with our respondents, behind physical and mental health, as a contributor to theirsmall infograph total health. In fact, 75 percent of survey respondents said that their financial situation is “very important” to their total health. Moreover, they believe that an improved financial situation would reduce their stress and improve their access to medical care.

In addition, respondents list stress as one of the main barriers to total health. Over 40 percent list stress from family or work as a hinderance to their total health. More than 40 percent of respondents thought that insurance-provided  stress management programs would be a key to managing stress.

For more details about the report, click here.

Kaiser Permanente also provides resources on stress at kp.org.

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