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Employees + Workforce Health = Increased Daily Productivity

Kaiser Permanente’s Workforce Health team has geared up to offer their annual Mid-Atlantic Summer 2017 Learning Circle, which will cover some of the hottest topics in Workforce Health and Wellness.   While corporate wellness programs have traditionally focused solely on physical wellness, the industry has begun to recognize the importance of incorporating well-being, which looks at the whole person.  Kaiser Permanente wants all Kaiser Permanente employees and members to be aware of proper Workforce Health strategies so they can incorporate healthy choices into their daily work routine.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, having physical activity programs that focus on the entire well-being of an employee at the work site reduced healthcare cost up to 55 percent, reduced short-term sick leave up to 32 percent and increased employee productivity up to 52 percent!  Kaiser Permanente’s Workforce Health team recognizes these benefits and continues to create the healthiest environment for employees as possible. The participants of the June 13 Learning Circle left with practical tips to integrate into their organizations using the five pillars of well-being—spiritual, physical, mental, social and environmental– so that employees are happy, healthy, and productive.

Carrie Peery, MPH, Senior Consultant of Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Region Workforce Health, shared with the Center some MORE benefits individual employees and business corporations can experience from Workforce Health.

Q: What are some positive impacts a business can have by incorporating beneficial aspects of workforce health strategies into their daily operations?

A: “Recent research indicates by incorporating workforce health strategies you can enhance recruitment and retention of employees, reduce healthcare costs, decrease rates of illness and injuries reduce employee absenteeism, improve employee relations and morale, and finally increase productivity.”

Q: What are some benefits of work site wellness programs?

A: “Weight reduction, improved physical fitness, increased stamina, lower levels of stress, and increased self-esteem.”

Q: What are some ways Kaiser Permanente has incorporated workforce health strategies in their administrative office

A: Through the Kaiser Permanente Healthy Workplace Initiative, we strive to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that is vital to thriving work space. Below are some cool and original programs offered to Kaiser Permanente employees.”

      • Breastfeeding SupportKaiser Permanente supports new moms with a variety of breastfeeding resources such as Lactation Support and Lactation Rooms MAS.
      • Stretch Break Software: Employees can download a PC Software that reminds them to take a break from the computer.
      • Healthy Picks: Throughout the Mid-Atlantic States Region, employees are offered “Healthy Pick” snacks and entrée options at cafeterias and vending machines.
      • Health Talks Online: Kaiser Permanente employees are invited to virtually watch expert physicians and researchers present on the latest in healthy eating, exercise, and stress management.
      • Smoke-free Campus: All Kaiser Permanente locations, including medical offices, are smoke free.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health uses many positive Workforce Health strategies to create an environment that is both conducive and productive for all employees and guests.  All events– annual banquets, quarterly meetings, trainings, interviews, etc—follow the Healthy Meeting Tools created by the Kaiser Permanente Workforce health team. 

The Center Staff thrive to create an environment that is both fun and informative.  Most of all, we take great pride in supporting your event and our high guest satisfaction scores prove it. If your organization is interested in hosting an event, please send us an event request located on our website.  We look forward to you joining us!

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