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How can health systems intervene to prevent firearm death?

Firearm-related injuries account for tens of thousands of premature deaths of adults and children each year, significantly increasing the burden of injury and disability. Firearm injuries are also costly to the health care system, accounting for nearly $3 billion in emergency department and inpatient care each year. How can health care systems intervene to prevent death and injury from guns?

Kaiser Permanente will join the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington, DC, on Oct. 17 and 18 for a workshop exploring the role of health care systems in preventing firearm-related injury and death.

Presentations and discussions will feature:

  • Why and how health systems have a role in preventing firearm injuries and death
  • The toll on individuals and communities from firearm injuries and death
  • Evaluating risks for vulnerable communities and developing health systems interventions
  • Current programs and research
  • Developing a research agenda based on current gaps
  • Implementation science
  • Networking and sharing best practices between health systems

For more information about how to watch live, please visit the meeting page.

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