Kaiser Permanente Encourages Mental Health Awareness for National Depression Screening Day

After his wife died, Tom found himself in a very dark place and he didn’t know how to get out.

He knew he needed to do two things: Get a mental health evaluation, and if it confirmed what he already suspected was the case, he needed to get care.

“I was having some trouble with depression and anxiety,” said Tom, a Kaiser Permanente member whose real name is not being used to protect his privacy. “I was distraught after my wife passed away. I really needed someone to say, ‘Hey man, do this because you are screwing up.’ I wanted to get a handle on myself. I wanted to be less depressed. I just wanted to get a grip again.” 

October 8 is a day dedicated to helping people like Tom get the help they need. This year marks the 25th observance of National Depression Screening Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of screenings for depression and related mood and anxiety disorders.

blue background with circular green that makes a tree. The blue inside the green makes a person with arms raised which is the trunk of the tree with leaves. National Depression Screening Day logo.

According to Screening for Mental Health, the non-profit organization that established this annual screening day, depression screening is effective in linking at-risk individuals with treatment options. A 2009 independent research study by the University of Connecticut and commissioned by Screening for Mental Health showed that 55 percent of participants who completed an online depression screening and who agreed to participate in a follow-up survey sought depression treatment within three months of the screening.

Kaiser Permanente’s offers an online self-assessment tool that can be used by members and non-members to help identify signs of depression and learn more about it.

Committed to total health

Kaiser Permanente members like Tom can be assured that providing high-quality mental health care is a key priority for the largest integrated non-profit health care system in the nation. With its mental health therapists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and pharmacists coordinating care for its patients, the organization is well-positioned to meet the needs of the growing population of Americans in need of mental health care, and ultimately provide a model for the delivery of such care in the community.

“We are committed to the total health of our members, and that means caring for the mind, body and spirit,” said Patrick Courneya, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Kaiser Permanente. “The goals of National Depression Screening Day are the same ones our primary care physicians and behavioral health specialists pursue every day. We strive to eliminate any stigma associated with depression, anxiety and any other similar conditions and to provide the tools and care our members need for emotional and mental well-being.”

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s integrated approach to health care by reading the rest of the article here.


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