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Staying on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

2018 is in full swing and that means we all are in the midst of keeping those resolutions for the new year. While maintaining resolutions, such as eating healthier and exercising more, can at times be a daunting task, especially when you add your work schedule, family and social gatherings to the mix, the Center for Total Health has a range of offerings available to help keep you on track.

As the Center hosts hundreds of tours and events each year, we are always innovating with different ways to make health more fun and accessible. Among our core goals is to provide healthy food for guests visiting the Center, whether it be for an hour or a week. Therefore, we have created “Healthy Picks” approved menus available to all of our guests. Not only is this food healthy and delicious, it helps keep meeting participants alert throughout the day (avoiding the post-lunch food coma and mid-afternoon sugar cravings), allowing for a more productive meeting. So, as you’re trying to pursue better eating habits this year, rest assured that you’ll be enjoying nutritious and tasty meals while attending a meeting at the Center.

Being active every day is a commitment we at the Center take very seriously. Along with improving physical health, activity gives a boost to the brain helping our attendees focus and stir creativity in meetings. Here at the Center, we offer the option of hosting walking meetings and have different maps for routes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. For some extra innovative guests, we have posted a 7-minute workout that can easily be done while attending a meeting. Designed by the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc., the workout only uses body weight, a chair, and the wall for 12 exercises to deliver a high-intensity workout. For more information, click here.

Along with pursing goals of eating better and being more active, it’s also important to take good care of your mental health. This past Fall, we at the Center launched our new and thought-provoking Mental Health and Wellness tour, offering insight to a wide range of personas whose health is impacted by varying degrees of mental health conditions or concerns. The Mental Health and Wellness personas introduce you to Kaiser Permanente and other innovators’ programs that showcase how important it is to integrate mental health care into your everyday health. Guests get the opportunity to see examples of mental health and wellness resources in various scenarios ranging from the broader community to the school classroom and the workspace.

Mental health and wellness affect everyone, and we look forward to providing visitors with a unique, educational and interactive experience that further highlights this important topic. Take a sneak peek here and make sure to schedule a visit to experience the Center’s tour first hand. And, good luck on keeping those resolutions – we know you can do it!

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health hosts internal and external educational events. All events – including annual banquets, quarterly meetings, trainings, interviews – feature healthy catering options and can be customized to incorporate the interactive exhibits that make the Center for Total health experience both fun and informative for attendees. If your organization is interested in hosting an event, please send us an event request via our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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