Caffeine: How Much is Too Much?

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Sure, many of us love our cup of joe every morning.  Some might like it so much that one cup becomes three or four.  We joke about it.  We laugh about it.  It is part of our culture as Americans.

But what about caffeine and kids?  Not only are kids drinking soda, they are also downing caffeinated energy drinks and coffee-based beverages.

feature-boy-doing-homework-274x168As kids head back to school, it’s a good time to consider just how much caffeine our kids are consuming; more importantly, how much is safe.  As school gets underway and kids must manage not only their academics but also extracurricular activities and jobs, it is easy to turn to caffeinated beverages for a quick pick me up.  But that habit can quickly grow out of control.

This episode of Total Health Radio can help.  Called Caffeine and Kids: What’s the Buzz?, the show shares one family’s personal story of the risks of caffeine consumption in kids.  It also features tips from a physician on recognizing signs of excessive caffeine — and for helping your kids know how much is enough…versus too much.

Keeping the Men in Your Life Healthy

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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.22.59 PMMany men avoid visiting the doctor. We often joke about it, but when our dads, brothers, partners or friends put off having something looked at, it can result in very real consequences. Even though women on average visit the doctor 20 percent more often than men, it is men who have much higher hospitalization rates for preventable conditions.

So why do men seem to go out of their way to prevent calling the doc? Many men simply aren’t used to communicating about how they feel and aren’t comfortable asking for help.

Total Health Radio has dedicated an entire podcast episode to this topic, including tips for supporting the men in your life in staying healthy. You can check it out — along with additional information and resources — at its official web page. You can also listen to it here, via Stitcher

And to see the above infographic in its entirety, click here for the full-sized version.

How’s Your Gut?

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With March being Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a good time for each of us to pause and consider the health of our digestive system.

“All About Our Guts,” one of the most popular episodes in the Total Health Radio series, helps with that. Expert guest T.R. Levin, MD, a gastroenterologist with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, covers all the topics you’re wondering about: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the potential benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, why fiber is so important — even colonoscopies (and how to help encourage the one you love to go ahead and have that procedure done).

Here is exclusive bonus content.

Still want more? Check out the episode’s official page. And you can hear Dr. Levin talk about the FIT test – a non-invasive screening for colorectal cancer you can do in the privacy of your own home – in this video.

American Heart Month is Here — How’s Yours?

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Here’s an important question: How is your heart?

How about that of your significant other?  Your mom’s and your dad’s?  Your best friend’s?

February is American Heart Month, and considering heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States — causing one in four deaths each year — it’s a topic worth our attention.

Luckily, there’s plenty of great information available on heart health, including this episode of Total Health Radio:  “How’s Your Heart? Understanding Your Risk.”

Looking for more information on how to show your heart some love? Check out this piece on Five Easy Steps for Taking Care of Your Heart. Or this infographic illustrating five ways to be both sweet and healthy on Valentine’s Day.

And finally, if you are looking for ways to promote heart health in your own workplace or organization,’s American Heart Month toolkit may be just what you need.

Let’s take care of our hearts — not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

It’s not too late to get your flu vaccine

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Have you had the flu yet this season?  More importantly, have you received the flu vaccine?  If not, you might want to.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February sees a surprisingly high number of flu occurrences.  So while many people think flu season has long passed, the truth is the vaccine may yet keep you healthy.

This episode of Total Health Radio, produced with the CDC, shares more information on  the topic and addresses misunderstandings and excuses about the vaccine that keep so many folks from getting their flu shots.  Check it out, and spread the word to the people you care about.


How Food Affects Your Mood: What You Need to Know

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Many of us resolved on January 1 to make some changes to our eating in an effort to improve our physical health.  But are we familiar with what effect those changes may have on our moods?

The latest episode of Total Health Radio explores this — how what we eat can affect our brain chemistry and therefore our emotions.  Learn tips for increasing dopamine and serotonin and how to stave off crashing after too many refined carbohydrates.  It’s a great listen — check it out.

‘Tis the Season — for the Blues (unfortunately)

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We’ve all heard (and maybe even experienced) how the holidays can be a difficult time. Family tensions — or lack of family to spend this time of year with — can cause many people to experience the blues or even a more serious, clinical diagnosis of depression.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depressed moods, this episode of Total Health Radio may help. In it, our physician expert identifies the different types of depression, as well as clues to help identify when it’s serious — and how to support someone you care about who may be struggling.

How to Be a Present Parent

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Last week, we reminded folks about the ways mindfulness can help us manage stress during the holidays.  Today, we share another Total Health Radio episode that focuses on managing stress — specifically the kind parents deal with on a daily basis. 

Each of us wants to be more present for our kids — and during this time of year, that can feel nearly impossible.  But as this show reveals, there are things you can do — steps and simple techniques — that may help.  It’s definitely worth a listen.

How Practicing Mindfulness Can Help You Through the Holiday Season Stress

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With all the joy the holiday season brings, most of us know that this time of year carries it with it something else, as well:  Stress.

A little bit of stress can be fine.  A lot of stress — including the challenges of shopping for gifts, baking, party-planning, family tensions and unrealistic expectations — is bad all around.  Bad for the mind and the spirit, certainly, but mental stress can lead to physical health problems, too.  So learning to manage the hectic nature of our lives over the coming weeks is important.

To that end, we’re sharing this episode of Total Health Radio, which is all about Mindfulness.  If you can pay attention — without judgment (that’s key!) — to how you are feeling, it’s the first step to regulating your emotional reactions to the stressors in your life.  Check it out.

For exclusive bonus content — including interview excerpts on overcoming barriers to mindfulness as well as the top three things you can do to introduce mindfulness into your life, visit the episode’s official page at